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OUR J6 EXPERIENCE a.k.a. Lost on the Mall...

We may have spent most of our time after The Rally in random wanderings around the Mall, but the important bit, the life changing inner-transformation, had already happened during the many hours of BEING with so many amazing Patriots at the Ellipse. 
It was truly a Holy Ground moment.  God is on the move, and it is We The People that He wants to use!

Jan 6th Timeline and Map.png
Alaska Pride before Rally outside the El

Jan 6th: 8am Alaska pride while in line for Ellipse.

Not a morning person, so this was quite a sacrifice for me to be up and out and socializing at such an early hour... but totally worth it!   I was initially a little anxious about going because of violence against Patriots by Antifa during previous Trump rallies, but we felt and saw none of that this day.  Only fun loving, freedom loving People by the hundreds of thousands.  It was electric to be among so many Good People.  We felt loved, watched out after, and totally protected.  Respect!

Donny Jr.png

9-11am Lots of speakers and lots of good energy. 

There were more people than I have ever been with in any one setting... at least 500,000.  Could have been a million or more.  It was huge!  There were all kinds of people... Trumpsters and regulars, and kids, elderly and every age in-between, and hippies and preppies, and all kinds of colors of skin, clothes and flags.  Plus a dozen speakers, including Paul's fav, Donald Jr.  We did all the stuff you do at a rally. We listened. We booed. We cheered.  And together, we hoped that America would be okay.

Save American from communism full.JPG

Communism took every-thing. Even my fear.

Under all the camaraderie, there was a sense of deep conviction.  Conviction that We The People, our states and our nation were under great attack. By forces known and unknown.  By governments both foreign and domestic.  By legislators and their fat cat corporate partners.  By colluding mainstream media and complicit social media.  By elites in high places feeling righteous enough, smug enough, and distant enough to launch an all out assault on freedoms We The People naively thought were being protected. 

Save America rally.jpeg

11am-12pm A long, VERY cold wait for Trump. 

Then at 11am, President Trump was announced.  We cheered.  And then we waited. I thought it quite odd, but a gal nearby assured me it was not unusual.  It was cold... like 30 degrees. It rained a little. And the same cycle of songs played over loud speakers again and again.  And still we waited.  I was amazed at the gracious attitude of all those around me.  After hours of standing in the wind and cold, everyone endured the delay with graciousness and good spirits.  I took my cues from them, as I am not a patient waiter. 

Hurting and Praying.png

Hurting and praying with intensity and resolve.

During the long and boring hour wait until Trump finally took the stage, many things happened.  There was laughter.  Stories.  Singing.  And many many silent prayers.  Petitioning heaven. Holding the Line.  During that in-between time, something was being distilled.  Although we were waiting for Trump to speak, this was not about him.  This was about us.  We were being called up to service for our nation.  To take the message of Solidarity home with us.  And to be ready to pay the cost, because freedom isn't free.

Trump speech late start.png

12noon Trump late start, and very long speech.

At noon POTUS finally took the stage and spoke with energy and passion for over an hour. Things we all knew.  But Trump is so entertaining to watch!  And I wondered...  Where does he get his energy?  And could I get some of it?  Why was he going so long, making it impossible to be at the Capitol for the 1pm verifying of the electors?  Wasn't that why we had come?  Some people, wondered the same thing and started leaving before the speech was through.  Space opened up and we moved closer to the front.

Trump finishes speech.png

1:15pm Trump waves as
he finishes his speech. 

We had come a long way to DC from Alaska... via Las Vegas (5 days of much needed play time) and South Dakota (3 days for a friends wedding) and Phoenix (5 days for extra sunshine).  The DC Rally accidentally fit as a quick side trip.  The tickets were cheap. Just $40 from Phoenix.  We took it as a 'sign' to be in DC.   

Having never been near enough to attend a live Trump event, we stayed until the end.  Plus, we reasoned, the legislators would in their windowless chambers, not caring, and unable to see us anyway!


1:30pm Pics at the stage.
We are Alaskans first!

POTUS finished speaking and a million people started strolling toward the Capitol... sort of.  Many lined up at the porta-potties.  Many realized the late hour and started for their cars.  Many were hungry and went in search of food. Some, like us, hung out and chatted.  We had worked our way up to the stage and now we were at the very back of the gazillions of people.  There was no point in rushing.  Or maybe in going to the Capitol at all.  It was well after 1pm and a good 40-minute walk away.  So we did photo ops. 

Epoch Times Joshua Philipp 1 34pm DC.JPG

1:45pm At Ellipse with Epoch Times reporters.

We were almost the very last to leave the Ellipse after Trump finished speaking.  We don't do lines and there were hundreds of thousands of People in front of us wandering toward the Capitol like a herd of cats.  Plus, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to corner one of our heroes, Joshua Philipp, reporter for The Epoch Times, for a chat and pics together.  We embarrassed him, I think, but he was super gracious and visited with us.  A definite highlight of our DC adventure.  We love The Epoch Times!


2pm Abandoned for hours, but backpack still there!

We still had time before needing to leave to catch our flight, so we decided to walk over to the Capitol after all.  But first, we went in search of the stuff we had to leave behind at the security checkpoint to get into the Ellipse area.  Paul was sure it was a waste of time, since he had abandoned his backpack in a sea of backpacks, and it was DC after all!  But I insisted, and we were blessed beyond measure to find it waiting where he had left it.  Nothing missing or disturbed.  What an amazing group of people, these Patriots! 

Turned away from White House.jpg

2:30pm We're turned away from White House. Darn!

By this time there were people wandering back and forth, and no clear indication what direction to go.  I am hopelessly lost everywhere I go, and Paul is usually spot on with directions, so I looked to him to take the lead.  Much out of character, he lead us north toward the White House instead of southeast across the green toward the Capitol building.  We were tired.  And it felt uphill.  We didn't move fast.  As we tried to cut across a parking area, we were turned around by White House guards.  Back we went!

DC HotDog stand.jpg

2:45pm Getting lost builds an appetite. Hot dogs!

By this time we had almost zero motivation to even try to get to the Capitol any more.  We were hungry.  And thankfully there were many food trucks along the way open still.  We got in line and had some pretty good DC hot dogs!  Then wandered some more and looked at t-shirts.  I talked Paul out of buying any as his closet is already so full!  And we eventually found ourselves back where we had started... the Ellipse and Constitution Avenue.  But now there was lots of excitement going on!

Not actual photo - CD police cars.png

2:50pm Police and white unmarked cars and vans! 

Suddenly, we heard sirens and saw scores of cars racing by.  And they just kept coming!  Some police cars... and lots and lots of white unmarked cars and panel vans. Something was definitely afoot... we assumed, at the Capitol building.  "Antifa," we said aloud to each other.  No point in going now.  But passers by said Patriots were involved too, and the Capitol building had been breached, and maybe someone killed!  We debated and decided to walk that way, if it felt safe.  Inquiring minds want to know!

Marilyn 3 20pm finally near Capitol.JPG

3:20pm We're finally nearing Capitol grounds. 

We asked those we came across for information.  But no one seemed to know, except that the Capitol itself had been breached somehow!  Many were rushing away. There seemed to be no apparent threat, so we walked on.  As we neared the Capitol, the whole area took on a carnival like atmosphere. People on mega phones shouting out their messages. Kids playing. People laughing. Vendors hawking sandwiches. 

NOTE: My white/red/blue shirttail is sticking out below my black coat. No snowflake sweater for me!

people people everywhere.png

3:30pm And people people everywhere.  Wow!

The shear volume of People was overwhelming!  We had visited the Capitol years before and it had seemed a yawning structure, tired and empty.  But that day, the aged marble walls were brought to life by living, breathing People pouring out of every orifice. Unaware of more stressful goings on inside, outside it was Fantastic.  Surreal.  Even magnificent.  "They're letting anyone who wants to go in," we were told.  "Just get in line!"  "No you don't Hueper!" I said.  We stayed outside, wondering, "What the heck?!"

Last Look Capitol 4pm.jpeg

3:45pm A last look as we depart. Amazing!

During our brief time at the Capitol grounds, we saw no Law Enforcement attempt to give any direction.  No barricades.  Almost no police at all, except those on the upper balconies, visiting with the People and taking pics together.  And then an occasional tear-gas bomb launched, unprovoked into the crowd below, with incredulous shouts back, wondering what the issue was.  A strange mix of zero communication, unrestrained liberty, and attempts at creating unrest among exuberant People peacefully assembling.

Riot Police as we left 3 50pm.jpeg

3:50pm Police in riot gear heading toward Capitol. 

We didn't see any attempt to disperse the crowd, so people just kept hanging out... but we had a plane to catch!  As we searched for a cab to get to the airport, we saw Riot Police readying.  I wondered... What took them so long?!  And since there was no action going on now, just Peaceful People milling about, what was the point anymore?  All they'd need to do was grab a mega-phone and ask people to disperse.  We sensed they were coming to start trouble, not quell it.  But they took oaths to protect.  Shame on you!

CP inviting painted people in.jpg

No. Not an Insurrection.
A Circus! Aided by CP?

Those who led the way into the Capitol building, photographed and posted and 'liked' by media, were fake distractions and not the Truth of what was happening. We were waking up.  Not a few.  Many. And they're afraid. For decades, We The People have allowed ourselves to be rocked into slumber, while 

forces were absconding with Our Powers, Lands and Selves. The Founding Fathers warned us about Due Diligence.  We ignored.  Now we have a LOT to do to Restore what was stolen while we were sleeping.  

Stand with Trump.png

Our Jan 6th experience?
We The People!

Like most life changing events, finding the words to express something profound is nearly impossible.  Those who were there and felt it, know without words. Those who are sensing it without having been there, have been called too.  You who are sure all of this is just nonsense, roll over and go back to sleep.  You who are wondering but skeptical, keep asking questions.  We The People need you too, if our nation is to be Restored.  Breathe.  Pray.  Trust.  As times to act arise, we will each be given the words we need.

Donald J Trump was not my ideal pick for president in 2016.  His style is not my flavor.  I'd say he's more of an acquired taste.  But I will ever be grateful to him for stepping into harms way to open the windows of our unseen prisons and let a fresh breeze blow in.  It was wonderful.  And now that I've had a taste of freedom, I'll not be quick to relinquish it again.

This all sounds a bit 'grand', but we are in grand times.  Nothing is a little thing right now. I don't know what the answers are, but I know for certain that we have much more Power, Authority and Influence at our disposal then those seeking to control our lands, our fortunes, and our bodies want us to know.  So it is Our Job now to become educated and learn to STAND again in our rightful place as We The People.  

How rightly POTUS said, "In reality they're not after me. They are after you. I'm just in the way."  Thank you POTUS for standing in the gap while we were waking up. This is not a one man job.  This will not be easy.  We have some growing up to do.  Some risks to take. But the good news is the Law is on our side.  We just have to learn it again, and then STAND on it without fear or compromise.

There is power in the word of your testimony!  Keep sharing. And thank you for taking time to read My Experience.

With great confidence that we are in the midst of A God Thing!

- Marilyn

DC Timeline Chart part 1.png
DC Timeline Chart part 2.png
DC Timetable Chart part 3.png
DC Timetable Chart part 4.png
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